How to unlock samsung android phone after too many pattern attempts or incorrect password

Many of the android users set pattern lock to lock their phone. But there are situations when the phone will get locked because of too many incorrect pattern attempts. Then we need the Google account credentials associated with the android device to unlock the phone. But many of the users didn’t even remember the Google account credentials which was provided when started the phone for the first time. There is also a situation when you did not associate a Google account at the first sign in and that option of regaining access to your device has failed.

We can simply reset/unlock the phone using Android’s built in recovery mode.However this hard reset will wipe the phone clean, so all data on the phones internal memory will be wiped. The contents of your memory card and  SIM card will however remain intact. This will not damage or affect the functionality of the device in any way.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Turn the phone on by pressing power button while holding the menu button and volume button. Dont forgot to release your finger from power button when the device begins to start but keep holding the other two keys

Unlock samsung galaxy

  •  Release your fingers from the buttons when you see the following recovery menu.

android recovery menu

  • Press Volume down to scroll and navigate the options and use Home button to confirm your selected option.
  • Navigate to Wipe data/factory reset first. Then select  “Yes – delete all users data” using the volume buttons and menu button.

menu to wipe data on android recovery menu

  •  Wipe the cache partition too exactly like we did for “data wipe”.
  • Press the Volume Up or Down to navigate to “Reboot system now” and use the Home button to confirm, and then wait until your device reboots.

Now your device is factory reset. Now dont forgot to set a google account for the device to avoid future resets 🙂

PS : This trick may not work on all the galaxy devices. I have tested this till galaxy s4 and found working.  Feel free to comment if you got stuck somewhere.

Thanks my friend Sachin Satheesh for giving me a topic to write 🙂