How to download torrents directly in browser

Many of us are crazy about downloading things if we get free internet 🙂 Remembering the last few months by which we were offered unlimited 4G data from Jio. Majority are preferring torrents to download movies, software etc. But the drawback with torrents is that the download speed depends on availability of seeds/peers and speed throttling by ISPs. Also, we need to waste data for uploading while you are downloading a torrent (seeders pardon me 😉 ) .

There is a solution for this. There are many websites which allows to cache(locally store on their servers) the torrent contents and allows us to download the file in higher speeds that too with pause/resume capability. I have checked most of the popular sites who helps to cache torrents like Seedr, Zbigs, bytebx, boxopus etc. Many of them are paid and free accounts have speed/storage restrictions. After trying all of the above, I find Seedr more interesting and convenient for people who loves to get things for free like me 🙂 Let me brief a bit about how Seedr works.

  • Open Seedr Website and land to its homepage.
  • Sign up for an account either using email or Facebook login.
  • You will be getting free tier account.
  • There will be option in the website to either paste the torrent url or to upload torrent file.
  • It will take just some minutes to cache file depends on file size. It took few seconds for me to cache a 2 GB file.
  • After caching is completed, you can download the file using browser or any other clients such as IDM for better download speeds.
  • Enjoy the amazing downlod speeds.

With a free tier, you will get

  • 2GB of free storage + more space for inviting friends
  • Unlimited bandwidth, video playback support, high-speed downloads
  • 1 parallel torrent download and 1:1 seeding ratio on public trackers

You can simply invite your friends and earn free space . Since the bandwidth is unlimited, we can remove the files after download to keep running. Premium account is also awesome if you are willing to pay. Premium accounts starts from 30 GB to 1TB of storage also with multiple caching locations.

Feel free to drop any questions on this post.