How to check balance of any BSNL number

Hi friends,

I am back with another cool trick. Yes, this trick will help you to check balance of any BSNL mobile number. Cool. isnt it ? 🙂

We can get this by two methods.

  • Using internet and without any BSNL sim card
  • Using SMS with a BSNL sim card.

Using internet and without any BSNL sim card

  • Go to this page. Then you will get a screen like this.

bsnl recharge screen

  • Enter the BSNL mobile number you want to check balance in the first two fields.
  • In the email field, you can use anything in format [email protected] since it is not going to be validated. select type
  • Select General topup from the menu.
  • Select any amount,. For eg; 55 Rs
  • On the next screen, you can see the balance and validity of the mobile number.

bsnl balance


Using BSNL Simcard

A small drawback of this trick is that, we must have internet access to check all these right. But consider a scenario we dont have internet and we need to know balance of someone. Still, there is a solution. This method is widely used to check 3G balance of BSNL numbers also.

Just send an SMS  DATA3G<space><mobile number> to 53733

All you need is just a BSNL Sim card. You can use this trick for getting 3G balance also while you are using the sim card in a data card.