Running android applications in Google chrome browser

Yes. I have written regarding this before. But this time there is a change. We can simply run android APKs using a google chrome browser . No matter what the Operating system is. Windows, Linux, Mac , everything will work.

Personally, I have felt it took a bit long time to load APKs using Bluestacks player, the one we used to load android apps in PC before. It works for windows only. As a linux enthuasiast, I was searching for a best method to do the same in Linux platform. Although there are many other apps providing the ability to run Android apps in PC, I found this one interesting.

All we need is the following

    • ARC Welder Chrome extension,
    • a computer running the latest version of Chrome
    • Android application package (APK) for theĀ program you want to run.


Download ARC welder appĀ for google chrome from google webstore

android on google chrome

Open the app and set a working directory. You can select any directory you wish to keep temporary files. For eg, My documents.

You can figure out the rest simply. All we need now is to download the APK of the android apps to run via google chrome. That can be simply downloaded from play store itself. Refer my old post regarding this here