How to use facebook profile picture as chat emoticon

Now we can send the profile picture of anyone in a chat window. Not only facebook profile pictures but also images of pages or even an event.

We can send anybody’s profile picture as emoticon in chat even if we are not friends with that person. Seems interesting right? 🙂 Lets see how we can do that.

Visit the profile or page or event of which you want to use the image as emoticon

For Eg, I am taking Actor Mohanlal’s page. See the link below.

use any facebook profile as emoticon

Here the page name is “ActorMohanlal”

To use the page image or profile image in a chat, just enter in the following syntax

in our example, it will be [[ActorMohanlal]], and press enter. You can see the image as emoticon .

facebook image as emoticon





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