Get BSNL mobile connection with your favorite number

I always recommend BSNL since they provide better service in cheap rates. Now we can select mobile number online before buying a BSNL simcard. So that you can get a BSNL mobile connection with your favorite number.

  • Go the this link
  • Select your state

select state

  • Next page will be a locked form, just click and drag to unlock.



  • Now you can see 50 numbers to choose from the list. You can click on next button for more or you can also use “search” button to search for your favorite number.
  • After finalizing your selection, select that number just “Check” the box and click on the “Reserve Number” and now  you will be prompted with confirmation box. Enter a mobile number to receive pin. that number can be of any carrier. 



  • In the next step, enter the pin you received on the number you entered on the confirmation box and click submit.

You will get   a confirmation message saying

Your Request Has Been Processed Successfully…!
Please Fill the Application Form To speed up the Activation Process…

  • Click on OK button. Now you will get a popup box.  In this you have to enter the PIN which you have received on your mobile and mobile number where you have received the PIN and click Submit. 
  •  Now you will get the application form. Fill all the entries with details like address details and click submit button

See the preview and check whether any mistakes are there. After completing this step, You will see the following message.


  • Click on Continue button

In new window you will get an filled application form.

  • Right click on that page and select “Save As” option and save the page.
  • Now take the printout of this application form to your nearest BSNL Office with Photo, ID proof and money.

There, they will provide BSNL number of your choice (which you have chosen in online).

 You can also buy Fancy Nos on the same site. There are few numbers available on Auctions, if you want to buy BSNL numbers from Auctions then check here.



Get free Missed call alerts on BSNL

get free bsnl missed call alert

I know this is an old service. But I am sure many of the users still dont know this free service offered by BSNL. While other operators are charging for this service, BSNL is giving it absolutely free. This service helps you to find out who called you while you were unreachable.

You can activate the service in two ways.

Using Phone Menu

Just divert  your calls to +9117010. Most probably divert option will be the call settings menu. Select Divert when unreachable or a similar menu.

Using USSD call

This method is more simple. Actually this USSD code also execute the same thing that we did in the first method.

Dial **62*+9117010# from your BSNL mobile.



How to check balance of any BSNL number

Hi friends,

I am back with another cool trick. Yes, this trick will help you to check balance of any BSNL mobile number. Cool. isnt it ? 🙂

We can get this by two methods.

  • Using internet and without any BSNL sim card
  • Using SMS with a BSNL sim card.

Using internet and without any BSNL sim card

  • Go to this page. Then you will get a screen like this.

bsnl recharge screen

  • Enter the BSNL mobile number you want to check balance in the first two fields.
  • In the email field, you can use anything in format [email protected] since it is not going to be validated. select type
  • Select General topup from the menu.
  • Select any amount,. For eg; 55 Rs
  • On the next screen, you can see the balance and validity of the mobile number.

bsnl balance


Using BSNL Simcard

A small drawback of this trick is that, we must have internet access to check all these right. But consider a scenario we dont have internet and we need to know balance of someone. Still, there is a solution. This method is widely used to check 3G balance of BSNL numbers also.

Just send an SMS  DATA3G<space><mobile number> to 53733

All you need is just a BSNL Sim card. You can use this trick for getting 3G balance also while you are using the sim card in a data card.