How to download torrents directly in browser

Many of us are crazy about downloading things if we get free internet 🙂 Remembering the last few months by which we were offered unlimited 4G data from Jio. Majority are preferring torrents to download movies, software etc. But the drawback with torrents is that the download speed depends on availability of seeds/peers and speed throttling by ISPs. Also, we need to waste data for uploading while you are downloading a torrent (seeders pardon me 😉 ) .

There is a solution for this. There are many websites which allows to cache(locally store on their servers) the torrent contents and allows us to download the file in higher speeds that too with pause/resume capability. I have checked most of the popular sites who helps to cache torrents like Seedr, Zbigs, bytebx, boxopus etc. Many of them are paid and free accounts have speed/storage restrictions. After trying all of the above, I find Seedr more interesting and convenient for people who loves to get things for free like me 🙂 Let me brief a bit about how Seedr works.

  • Open Seedr Website and land to its homepage.
  • Sign up for an account either using email or Facebook login.
  • You will be getting free tier account.
  • There will be option in the website to either paste the torrent url or to upload torrent file.
  • It will take just some minutes to cache file depends on file size. It took few seconds for me to cache a 2 GB file.
  • After caching is completed, you can download the file using browser or any other clients such as IDM for better download speeds.
  • Enjoy the amazing downlod speeds.

With a free tier, you will get

  • 2GB of free storage + more space for inviting friends
  • Unlimited bandwidth, video playback support, high-speed downloads
  • 1 parallel torrent download and 1:1 seeding ratio on public trackers

You can simply invite your friends and earn free space . Since the bandwidth is unlimited, we can remove the files after download to keep running. Premium account is also awesome if you are willing to pay. Premium accounts starts from 30 GB to 1TB of storage also with multiple caching locations.

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Running android applications in Google chrome browser

Yes. I have written regarding this before. But this time there is a change. We can simply run android APKs using a google chrome browser . No matter what the Operating system is. Windows, Linux, Mac , everything will work.

Personally, I have felt it took a bit long time to load APKs using Bluestacks player, the one we used to load android apps in PC before. It works for windows only. As a linux enthuasiast, I was searching for a best method to do the same in Linux platform. Although there are many other apps providing the ability to run Android apps in PC, I found this one interesting.

All we need is the following

    • ARC Welder Chrome extension,
    • a computer running the latest version of Chrome
    • Android application package (APK) for the program you want to run.


Download ARC welder app for google chrome from google webstore

android on google chrome

Open the app and set a working directory. You can select any directory you wish to keep temporary files. For eg, My documents.

You can figure out the rest simply. All we need now is to download the APK of the android apps to run via google chrome. That can be simply downloaded from play store itself. Refer my old post regarding this here

How to download youtube videos using VLC player

It is not a big deal to download youtube videos nowadays. Most of us are using some browser addons or softeares like IDM for downloading youtube videos. So, with this post, my aim is just to demonstrate that we can simply download any youtube videos using our favorite media player VLC player.  Most of us are using VLC player as just a media player and dont know other functions of VLC like streaming, webcam recording. etc.

  • Copy the youtube url of the video you want to download
  • Open vlc player and go to Media–>Open Network stream

download youtube  video on vlc


  • Paste the youtube url there and press enter

Now you can see the video is being played on VLC. Here comes the trick.

  • Navigate to Tools–> Media Information

download youtube video on vlc


Now you can see a tab called “location” in the bottom.
download youtube videos using vlc


  • Press Ctrl +A after clicking there and copy that link by pressing ctrl +c
  • Now open any browser and paste the copied location url on the address bar and press enter

Download youtube videos on vlc player

Now it will start downloading. If you are using any download accelerators like IDM or DAP, simple paste this location link on IDM or DAP than pasting on the browser.

Please note, this wont work with old versions of VLC Player. 

Reset windows 8 password without any thirdparty software

Many of you just reinstall windows 8 if you forgot the password. But do you know, you can simply reset the password without any thirdparty software or tool . All you have to need is either a windows 8 setup disc/USB or a windows 8 recovery disc. We can simply reset any windows 8 password in just minutes. .

Method 1
Using recovery disc

1- You need a Windows 8 PC to make a System Recovery Disk .

2- You need a CD Burner + Blank CD.

3- If you have a tablet or a netbook and you don’t have a CD burner then You need a 512 MB USB thumb drive to make a System Recovery USB instead.

4- To make a system recovery CD, Go to control panel and navigate to Windows 7 File Recovery, click on that icon, and
from the next screen choose from the top left ( Create a System Recovery Disk ) and follow the on-screen instructions to make
that CD.

5- To make a System Recovery USB thumb drive go to control panel and navigate to ( Recovery ), click on that icon and from
the next screen choose ( Create a recovery drive ) and follow the instructions to make a bootable System Recovery USB.

6- When you are ready, boot the locked PC that needs to be unlocked with that CD or USB you just made, and follow the
pictures below :

7- The command prompt screen will open, type : diskpart and hit Enter key

8- Type :  list vol and hit Enter key (watch for spaces)

10- Type : Exit and hit Enter key.

11- Type:  c:   and hit Enter key  (your Windows drive maybe different so change it accordingly to the drive letter you have)

12- Type: cd windows (watch for spaces ) and hit Enter key

13- Type: cd system32 (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key

14- Type: copy  cmd.exe cmd.exe.original (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key.

15- Type: copy Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.original (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key.

16- Type: del Utilman.exe  (watch for spaces)  and hit Enter key.

17- Type: ren cmd.exe Utilman.exe  (watch for spaces)  and hit Enter key.

18- Type: Shutdown  -r  -t  00 (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key, the PC will restart.

19 – When you reach the Logon screen click on the Ease of Access Center icon on the left bottom side of the screen.

20 – The command prompt window will open

21- Type: net user  (watch for spaces)  and hit Enter key.

22- Type: net user  Mymobily *  ( replace mymobily with the name you find in your pc)  and hit Enter key

23- now type the new password you want and hit Enter key( when you type the cursor will not move and you will not see what you
type, so be carefull what you type, because you are typing blindly the new password)
24- confirm the new password when prompted and hit Enter key when done:

25- Type exit and hit the Enter key to close the command window.

26- Logon now to the locked account with the new password you just created.
27- After successfully unlocking  your account and resetting the account password now you need to roll back the changes you
made to Utilman.exe and cmd.exe, so go ahead and boot your pc with the System Recovery CD or USB you made earlier in this
tutorial and repeat steps in # 6 so you open the command prompt window :
28- Type: c: and hit Enter key(your Windows drive maybe different so change it accordingly to the drive letter you have)
29- Type:  cd windows  (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key
30- Type:  cd system32 (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key
31- Type:  del  Utilman.exe  (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key
32- Type: ren  Utilman.exe.original Utilman.exe  (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key
33- Type: ren cmd.exe.original cmd.exe  (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key
34- Type: shutdown  -r  -t  00  (watch for spaces) and hit Enter key to reboot your pc

35- Now when the pc reboots and reaches the logon screen, check to see if the Utilman is fixed and returned back to place by
clicking on its icon on the bottom left side of the screen, if the Ease of Access list pops up then you succeeded in your work.
See picture below.



Using Windows 8 Setup image/DVD

1. Burn your image as either bootable usb using tools like uneetbootin or burn to a DVD

2.when you reach the first screen where you have to click next – stop there and hit SHIFT key + F 10 , the command prompt window
will pop up and you can use it as we did in steps 7 onward to the end. see picture below


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